German Halberd/Voulge

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Devastating in close quarters combat, this ferocious, long-bladed polearm can thrust and chop with terrifying results. Carried by the brash and colorful Landsknechts, this weapon's actual name is uncertain. Modern scholars call it both halberd and voulge. The halberd was the weapon of choice in the Swiss army during the 14th Century, and upholding that tradition the Papal Swiss Guard at the Vatican still carries them. Shaft made of hardwood and blade of tough high carbon steel. This weapon is featured in Deadly Duels and a picture of a similar weapon can be found in Edward Wagner’s book “European Cut and Thrust Weapons”. Circa 1425 – 1450.

Weight 2.5kg (5 1/2 lbs), overall length 1.7m (67”), blade 46cm (18”). Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.

Due to the length of this item, please contact us first if shipping outside Europe.

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